Experts in Draft System Repair

The Draft Horse team has strong experience in diagnosing problems with draft systems and often can perform a draft system repair to get your beverages flowing efficiently again.

Common challenges and the typical repairs needed are detailed below.

Foamy or Flat Beer

A number of scenarios can cause foamy beer―from improper product temperature, incorrect system balancing, improper installation to dirty beer lines. Similarly, no one likes a flat beverage that’s lost its carbonated taste. Draft Horse’s technicians will diagnose the issue and perform the necessary adjustments to get your draft system back up and running smoothly and efficiently.

Warm or Frozen Beer or Other Beverages

In a glycol system, warm or frozen beverages can be caused by a few different issues, ranging from improper running temperature of the powerpack, glycol that has deteriorated or a powerpack that is undersized for the size or length of the system. Draft Horse technicians can diagnose the issue you’re facing and make recommendations to get your beverages to the refreshing temperature that puts a smile on customers’ faces.

Glycol Leak

If a glycol leak is present, your entire draft system should also be inspected to determine the cause. Once the cause is determined, the leak will be resolved, and the affected section of the trunk line will have the existing insulation removed so the line can be properly dried and rewrapped with new insulation. This ensures there will not be a “hot spot” in the line, which can result in warm or foamy beverage.

Gas Leaks

If a gas leak is present in your draft system, the entire gas system will be inspected from the gas tank to each keg to determine the cause and the best solution. Safety is of the utmost importance to Draft Horse and our clients. We also help with safety features such as gas leak detectors and alarms.  for details.

If your draft beverage system is having one of these or other issues, to have a skilled technician diagnose and perform a draft system repair. We understand that having your draft system down costs you money, so we’re committed to completing repairs thoroughly and quickly. We not only repair draft beer systems but also fix wine, cocktails, nitro coffee and kombucha systems.