Draft Horse – Houston’s draft beer installation company

Whether you’re looking to install a new draft beer system or are considering an upgrade to your current equipment, Draft Horse brings certified technicians to every installation. We partner with the leading manufacturers to recommend the best draft equipment available, including draft equipment for beer, wine, cocktails, nitro coffee and kombucha. We understand that each client has unique needs, so we customize installation plans to help achieve the perfect pour. We encourage you to learn more about our company and to discover why we’ve earned the reputation as Houston’s experts in draft beer installation. Check out a few examples of installations we’ve handled below.


  • 31 tap short draw system

  • 4 taps with interchangeable gas supply (Lager Blend, Stout Blend, N2)

  • All stainless steel product contact

  • System was designed to utilize the minimal space inside the cooler, while

  • Maximizing the number of products being served on draft.

  • Outdoor bar with a 4 product kegerator set up

  • Outdoor draft beer trailer

Platypus Brewing

  • 16 tap long draw system (65’ from keg to glass)

  • All product lines hidden in ceiling

  • Custom backsplash and drip tray with glass rinsers

  • All stainless steel product contact

  • Upstairs Draught system coming soon!