Regular maintenance of your draft beer system is critical to preventing yeast and bacteria growth in your beer line. Draft Horse offers a maintenance program to regularly clean and service your draft system. Our technicians thoroughly clean your draft system and have strong experience not only with draft beer line cleaning but also with wine, cocktails, nitro coffee and kombucha systems.

We recommend line cleaning every two weeks, using a recirculating pump and an approved alkaline-based line cleaner, as recommended by the Brewers Association. An acid based cleaner is used every 6-8 weeks in addition to the normal line cleaner to remove beer stone, which is a calcium oxalate build-up in the product lines. During each line cleaning, the entire system is inspected to ensure proper function and the PH is tested to ensure safety.

It’s through detailed service like this that restaurants, bars, coffee shops and offices throughout greater Houston trust Draft Horse for their draft beer line cleanings. We hope you will, too.

Prevent Yeast & Bacteria in Your Beer Line with Expert Cleaning


Draft Horse is proudly certified by Micro-Matic and Perlick for installation and maintenance.

Can be served

Kombucha, cold brew coffee, wine, beer, cocktails, liquor and sodas can be served on systems installed & maintained by Draft Horse.

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Experiencing an issue with your draft system? Draft Horse also provides repair services. to schedule an appointment when we’ll send a technician to your location to diagnose the problem and get your draft system running optimally.