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Regular draft line cleanings are critical to serving beverages the way they are made to taste.

Neglected beer lines can accumulate yeast, bacteria, mold, and beerstone, which change the flavor of the product. Sour, buttery, or metallic flavors caused by these microbes can ruin and waste product.

Draft Horse follows Brewers Association cleaning standards to ensure that your draft system is always serving delicious beer, wine, cocktails, nitro coffee, or kombucha.

Beer line cleanings are recommended every two weeks using a recirculating pump and an approved alkaline-based line cleaner. We offer service agreements so you know exactly when your next draft cleaning will be.

During each draft system cleaning, the entire system is inspected to ensure it is functioning properly and the PH is tested to ensure safety.

It’s thorough, detailed service like this that restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and offices throughout greater Houston trust Draft Horse for their draft beer line cleanings. We hope you will, too. Contact us today.

Prevent Yeast & Bacteria in Your Beer Line with Expert Draft Cleaning


Draft Horse is proudly certified by Micro-Matic and Perlick for installation and maintenance.

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