About Draft Horse: Houston’s draft beer, wine and beverage system specialists

About Draft Horse- Houston’s Wine and Draft Beer System specialists & is a division of Charlie's Plumbing

Draft Horse is locally owned by Charlie’s Plumbing, Inc., Houston’s premier plumbing service provider. Draft Horse installs, cleans and repairs draft beer, wine and cocktail systems as well as nitro coffee and kombucha systems.

We’ve brought in the services of Aaron Hill, formerly of Texas Draught Specialists and a premier expert on draft systems of all kinds in the Texas market. As Director of Draft Operations, Aaron and our draft team can fulfill all your draft beverage system requirements. We serve clients in any arena or venue, including private offices, bars, restaurants, cafes, and coffee shops.

Draft Horse is operated from its headquarters in Houston. Draft Horse runs as a tight-knit organization with the most advanced technology and best practices. We provide complimentary consultations on current tap systems and recommendations for overall improvements and cost savings. We are also fully insured.

Draft Horse is there for you 24/7 as always to service all your plumbing and dispensing needs. Be prepared to experience the expert service you deserve when you call Draft Horse. It’s one of many reasons Draft Horse is known as Houston’s wine and draft beer system specialists.

What Draft Horse is Doing for Clients

  • We will never send anyone who is exhibiting any symptoms of illness to your location.
  • Our field techs will check in with you either digitally or in person but from at least 6 feet away as per CDC guidelines.
  • Our techs will wear masks / face shields when in the proximity of other people.
  • We will wear gloves when possible.
  • We will diligently clean and sanitize work surfaces prior to leaving your facility or site.
  • We are not requiring client signatures at this time and are happy to email you your invoice.
  • If you require a signature, we will use our own pen or stylus.

What Draft Horse is Doing for Employees

  • Our top concern is ensuring the health and safety of our employees. This includes the parent company Charlie’s Plumbing, Inc. spending over ten thousand dollars in the first half of the year on COVID-19 safety measures.
  • We’ve made over a dozen, new processes—from enhanced cleaning and social distancing measures to new efforts like disinfectant spraying.
  • We have acquired over 300 gallons of hand sanitizer and anti-viral disinfectant.
  • We’ve distributed personal protective gear such as masks, gloves and face shields to all employees, and implemented disinfectant spraying and testing for symptoms across our operations. We require everyone to wash their hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, especially after using the bathroom and before eating, as well as after blowing their noses, coughing or sneezing. If soap and water are not readily available, alcohol-based hand sanitizer stations are easily accessible throughout our buildings.
  • Any team member diagnosed with COVID-19 will receive up to two weeks of paid time off.—This in addition to their other paid and unpaid time off options.
  • We will implement scalable testing for coronavirus in the case of any occurrence in the company within 12 hours.
  • Charlie’s Plumbing employees receive comprehensive health benefits starting on day one of employment.
  • Our team has received additional training and information regarding safety measures and processes regarding COVID-19.
  • We have insured complete pay as well as remote workspaces, so that everyone is both physically and emotionally safe.
  • Every member of our team has a COVID Safety kit with them at all times that includes necessary PPE details as well as our policy and guidelines.
  • We’re conducting daily audits of the new health and safety measures that we’ve put into place to make sure people are educated and complying with this new normal.